Project 4 -Technoculture – Web 2.0 & the Mobile Web – design progress

It’s been a little while since I last wrote on this blog, because I have been really busy with the project.
As I mentioned last time, I am (re)designing my own “professional” web design website with the web 2.0 part being a blog in the form of tutorials where people can reply with questions or comments.

I have since decided I will also have a button where people can subscribe to my tutorials and a button for people to request tutorials -where people can ask me to answer a question or elaborate on a subject- Rather than reply to them in person via email, I want to share it with the world with the added bonus of getting exposure which will hopefully lead to lots of site visitors and better page rank in Google 😉

Straight away I started with this website from scratch in WordPress. As the main tutorials I have wanted to write for ages were about using WAMP (essentially WAMP allows your computer to be a web server so you can install any number of WordPress sites on your computer) and how to install WordPress on WAMP plus upload it a live website, I made screenshots along every step of the way when installing my local site. I started the design of it and specifically the look of the ordered list as that is what I am using to write my tutorials and I wanted to make it look interesting, as on it’s own it can be quite ‘dry’ content.

My design progress so far in a nutshell: I started off with my theme Atahualpa (which is the picture in the top left corner in the image below), moving downwards are screenshots of removing and adding items, then starting to add background and logo, then the content and styling the bullet points. I then added a button I made in Photoshop which one can press to get a screenshot. Using the Lightbox Plus plugin which I customized in the CSS, used the rel=”lightbox[grouptitle] title=”the caption here” to make the screen shots a slideshow so one could follow the tutorial as pure visual with the screenshots, or solely reading the information with the text or use a combination as one pleases.

You can find the up to date design here. I am really pleased with the content of the tutorials and the way the tutorials look and work.

peel look on my excerpts and widgets

The design of the layout and the logo however, is a different story. I like the individual items like the widgets ‘peel’ look and the same look for the excerpts on the blog page, i like the background and I quite like the logo (I keep changing it when I have a different idea, hopefully improving it as I go).
My problem however is that I do not like the individual items together and feel they do not work.
I think they are all different styles and cannot quite decide what style I want to go for.
You may have seen in the above screenshots I also tried a textured ‘stitching’ look for my logo. I did quite like it, but I felt it did not go with the rest of the design, so I tried something completely different and moved away from the oval design. and tried a half circle and moved the flowers around, changed the colours, then moved them inside the half circle to incorporate the menu next to it. I do kind of like what I have done now, but feel the menu does not stand out, the name of the website/company does not stand out enough and the strapline (which is at the top so perhaps in the complete wrong position) is not legible so really, it is actually pretty crap…

I think I may well have a ‘designers block’ so I am leaving it alone for a while and will concentrate on my research.
I was reading a great blog post about Web 2.0 today and it has made me realize that I really just need to simplify things.
I think to take my mind of it, I will do my written work on Web 2.0 and mobile websites and perhaps I will get some inspiration and probably completely change the design!

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