Project 4 – Technoculture: Task 2 – Produce a Web 2.0-style Website – FINAL PIECE

The task for this project is to produce a website which includes some of these new ideas and technologies: Produce a series of 3 – 5
(max) interactive web pages for a new web ‘community.’

    • The site must emphasize Web 2.0 design characteristics;
    simple graphics, bold logos, colourful buttons.
    • The pages have to link together but not necessarily work
    completely re Web 2.0 (eg. being able to upload items)
    • You must include Web 2.0 elements and ideas such as
    Forums, links to social media as well as research into how
    to integrate social media elements.

I decided to write my own professional website with a tutorial style blog, aimed at budding designers and clients alike.

I have incorporated:

  • my new logo which is bold and colourful.
  • colourful embossed 3D buttons to the screenshot slideshows within the tutorials.
  • embossed 3D star badges to subscribe to my tutorials via feedburner (which works) or request a tutorial written (which includes the option to upload a screenshot).
  • Web 2.0 elements such as commenting on tutorials via WordPress comments, commenting via facebook, share/like a tutorial via facebook, retweet a tutorial on twitter.
  • a colourful header and footer.
  • simplified layout.
  • simple navigation menu.
  • bigger text.
  • gradients.

The final website: marolinedesign




A Tutorial

Slideshow pop up


Request Tutorial

Subscribe to Tutorials pop up

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