Project 4 – some ‘last minute’ changes

I said in my last post that I was still trying to change the blog welcome to embed in the page rather than it being a post and using an image with cleverly placed type on the homepage rather than text and I managed to find time to do both.
I also changed the pictures on the about page because I didn’t think they were quite right.

Blog post before and after:

I changed this because I didn’t like my welcome post coming up in archive pages and I also think it looks a lot nicer. It is clear that the welcome message IS actually a welcome message, rather than just a post that people could possibly skim over.

Homepage welcome text before and after:

I changed this because even though I said everything I wanted to say, it seemed too long and also a little uninteresting and it is not something I want people to skim over or skip. I had seen how an example of cleverly placed text making some words larger and give others a colour and decided I wanted to try that and see it this looked better. Unfortunately I forgot to take screenshots of the different versions I tried (and there were many!) and eventually came up with the above which looks much more interesting. Furthermore, one can skim over if they want by just reading the orange words and still get an idea what my website is about. Very pleased with the end result!
I used Yoast SEO plugin to write a meta description that would be shown in Google, as my homepage is solely picture based which Google cannot read. I did use the alt tags too to describe the image, but Google does not use this for the meta description. Yoast SEO gives a very handy preview snippet of what it would look like in Google:

I also used Yoast SEO for my other pages and to edit the robots.txt to not index a few pages that are not finished yet (Portfolio/Services/Testimonials – I am hoping to do those for the next project!)

About page pictures before and after:

I changed the pictures, because despite liking the picture on the far right, I was not sure about the others. I did not want to look too ‘posed’, but also wanted to look genuine and approachable. All 3 ‘before’ pictures are very smiley and also a bit samey, so my boyfriend photographer took some more pictures in different poses and it’s looking much better with the different poses. (and hopefully still approachable!)
Website is now fully done!!

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