Project 3 – Website Production – Task 3 – Production of a Website

The Final Task of this project is to produce a series of 3-5 interactive web pages, to promote/advertise a particular event, product or occasion. These pages are to be a minimum of:

  • a homepage
  • an inside content page with text and images
  • a contact/form page

The rules are:

  • The event can be real or fictitious but it must be unusual or original in some sense
  • The emphasis is upon originality-humour and irony can play a role. The idea you come up with should be away from what you would normally come up with
  • Try and choose a topic of which you already have some knowledge or experience
  • Images taken or scanned yourself are preferred ie, not off the internet, unless absolutely necessary

My website must contain the following basic items:

  • 2 different methods of navigation: -text links, image links and/or hotspots
  • an email link and a web link to another website
  • a named anchor eg. a contents list linked to other items on the same page and a back to top button
  • a pop-up window containing an enlarged image or more text
  • a page containing form elements
  • meta tags: create and insert title, keywords and description meta tags

I decided on a fictitious event and that I wanted to illustrate this website myself.. The reasons for illustrating the website were to do something I have never done before, make sure the images were all mine and not taken from the internet and to get to know illustrator better.
I decided on a one page website, with areas to stipulate the ‘inside page’ and ‘contact/form page’.

Have a look at the ‘British Airways Team Building Trip 2012 – Skating on Natural ice in the Netherlands’ website by clicking the above link, or see a screenshot of it below:

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