About Marjolijn

Hello! My name is Marjolijn.

About 11 years ago -when I went on my 2 year gap year to OZ and NZ- I started my own travel/photo blog from scratch (writing in HTML and using tables) with the help of my brother’s IT knowledge.
He had less and less time to explain how to change bits and bobs, so I started teaching myself through tutorials online and eventually moved on to WordPress.

I work part time as cabin crew for a well known airline and in my part time I have started working as a freelance Web Designer.

The first website I did for someone else is an e-shop for my boyfriend’s mum, who is an incredible artist and wanted to sell her children alphabet range -called patsypics– online.
Through word of mouth I landed my first paid job soon after I finshed patsypics, which is a social network for driving enthusiasts and through this client I have met many more prospective clients. I’m currently working on about 5 other websites and have finished another for a garden design and landscaping company: Arun Landscapes

I’ve realized I’d really like to do design websites full time, but feel I need some more skills especially in the design department and also tying up some loose ends in the coding department, so I started a part time professional development in web design course at City College Brighton at the start of the college year 2011.

For the course we have to blog about our research and final work throughout the college year, which is how marjolijn.co.uk came about.
I am hoping to learn lots and get lots of inspiration for clients and to improve my website for my freelance web design company: Maroline Design

Have fun reading about my projects and feel free to comment!

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